Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink and orange DO match

Who said pink and orange dont match? I wore this combo to go shopping and out to eat with my best friend Zaelon (pictured at the bottom. I love his shorts by the way!). I love this brick wall we shot next to. Im pretty sure you'll be seeing it in my newer pictures again. But anyway, back to fashion, these leopard wedges are one of my most favorite shoes that I have. They hurt like hell after 3 hours, but 3 hours of comfort is pretty fucking good for 5 inches!


Natalie said...

your really cute :)hope u'll visit my blog :)

Lucy said...

you and your friend are SO cute!!!

Lucy said...

Can I just ask... does my picture show up on your followers bit? cos to me its just the grey default pic :( I have put one on though?! x