Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Black

I finally broke down and purchased some JC Litas, and I dont regret it one bit! I love how versatile they are. You can pair them with just about anything to give your outfit a little more edge. Pretty comfy too for a good 3 hours at work. And how cool are these tights? As soon as I seen them in the stockroom at my job, I had to snatch them up! I love how they look like normal black tights in the front, until I turn around of course. Surprise! White stripe!

Jacket: Forever 21, Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: JC Lita, Tights: The Limited

Here's a little piece of exciting news for me. Last week I just walked into BCBG to look at what they had on sale, and the manager offered me a job! I was so shocked. Sadly, I wont be able to work at The Limited and BCBG together since it's a "conflict of interest." BCBG is offering me more per hour so I'd be crazy not to accept! Plus BCBG is more my style when it comes to clothing. I guess all good things must come to a end. I will miss my coworkers at The Limited :(.


D.R. said...

those tights really are cool, the unexpected white stripe in the back is really eye catching and stylish


Style4Curves said...

LOVEEEEE the tights and congrats on ur new job!!!!

Style & Poise said...

Dope tights!!


Kfedland said...

Such a beautiful and chic outfit. I love the tights, they are amazing..adding that extra touch to your outfit.x

Anonymous said...

Go 'head girl! You belong at BCBG!!!

Anonymous said...

love black on black! nice

Anonymous said...

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